MASS Management is a development, marketing, and sales company that brings products to the market by improving the branding, packaging, and positioning. We warehouse all of these in Charlotte, NC.

Delighted Customers

From the beginning, we want our customers to be more than satisfied working with us. We want them to be delighted. Our customers deserve the very best from their sales and marketing team and that is exactly what they get from MASS Management. To make sure we are serving our customers best, we survey our customers every quarter to measure our efforts in delighting them. This Customer Satisfaction Survey is used as feedback to our national sales team to monitor their performance. We offer performance bonuses that are based on the actual score from the survey. We directly link our performance to survey results.

-We focus on applying all of our resources toward your success.

-With decades of experience, we know manufacturing and the retail sales industry inside and out.

-The result, is higher sales, greater profits and a streamlined manufacturing and sales process.

World Class Quality

As manufacturers, our customers understand the importance of Quality. We have instituted concepts from ISO 9001 to measure our sales and marketing processes. We understand that quality can be measured in sales and marketing just as it is in manufacturing. By focusing on these key metrics, we can bring improvement in sales performance and ultimately grow your revenue.

-We understand the specific needs that come with manufacturing a product.

-From improving branding, increasing sales, and positioning of your product, you need a partner who can handle it all.

-Partner with MASS Management to increase revenue and become an industry leader.

Integrity in All Business Relationships

Integrity is a core belief of MASS Management. Integrity with our manufacturers, our sales force, our distributors, and dealers is the basis for our business.
-We offer value at every turn for our clients.

-In an effort to build upon a foundation of integrity, we strive to establish an excellent rapport with our clients.

-At its core, integrity begins when we understand the core beliefs, goals, and culture of our clients.

-We’re dedicated to forging lasting partnerships with with our clients.

-We use our passion, experience, and talent to grow our partner’s revenue.

-You can trust your products receive the focus and exposure they deserve.